CIA Minutes for July 12, 2010  Held at Lauren & Joe Lautner’s Yard

The group started by introducing themselves to the new agents namely Missy Melnick, Rick Kimber, and Jake Junda, Casey was not present

Present were:  President –Lynn Nadeau , Vice President, Sheryl Levenson, Treasurer-Peter Bowen, Secretary-Don Orne , Clerk- Peter Frisch

Board members: Paul Levenson, Jon Alexander, Allie Blodgett, Alexander Falk, Bruce Greenwald, Krena Horowitz, Lauren and Joe Lautner, Roberta Levy, Amy O’Connor, Nancy Hamlin and a special appearance by Jim Keating.

1.   Parking Lot: Membership: Our treasurer reported that we have 221 paid up members this year to date

Daily Parkers: we have taken in  $1,816 since our last meeting, a new record said Peter B. our treasurer.

Guidebooks left: Bruce has a half a box left and a half a box in the shed, Lynn also has half a box.

2.   Projects: car wash –Rick gave a report that the agents could offer to wash the cars parked in the parking lot for $10 each. Lynn mentioned that whoever washed the car could keep half the money.

3.   Beach cleaning:Lynn mentioned bottle return idea

And letting the agents perhaps keep half of what they pick up and return for cash. Missy agreed to Chair the committee to recycle bottles and cans. It was mentioned that we have a Friday pick up of trash from the town and should put trash on the sidewalk and not leave it in the park.

Signups for beach cleaning: Peter B. mentioned that we have a list of volunteers that have not been called upon to help us with the park and beach cleanup and that list needs to be activated.

The fundraising letter (Peter F. follow up letter)

With regards to fundraising, Allie had a favorable response when she asked Ori Ron to use his house for a fundraising event. He suggested charging between $100 and $200 per person. Getting a date was mentioned in the fall for this important event.

Water: Rick Kimber mentioned that an extra hose was in the shed to reach the plants to water everything that needs watering. Peter B. said that the hose would be fixed at the lot.

Non Compliance with recycling: there is an issue said Lynn as to which town is responsible for pick up. The agents will pick up the bottles and cans on both sides and return them for money.

Guidebooks: will be given out from the shed to people who become members and other interested parties.


2.  Treasurer’s report: Peter Bowen gave everyone a handout sheet with all the financial information on it. That information will not be reprinted here. It was mentioned that Dellisio would be given all but $750 of the $14,667 owed to him. Peter got a round of applause for the wonderful work he is doing as the new Treasurer and did say, “we made a bunch of money on the parking lot”.  As part of Peter’s time, a vote was taken to accept Rick Patroski’s resignation from the board and it was done. Peter also said that the good weather is helping us a lot and credited the agents for selling memberships

He mentioned that we have done all our delayed filings with the IRS and that he paid $132.00 for late filing fee of SS in 2009. “We need to protect our non-profit status,”


4.   A Time for thanks: Lynn mentioned that we need to send out thank you’s to the volunteers that helped with the cleanup of the park. Everyone was in favor  of doing that. Roberta was singled out and given thanks for all her hard work at the parking lot by planting morning glories and sunflowers and picking up trash as needed. She said,”more rocks are needed from the beach and the trees need to be fed”.

  Clerks reports: Peter F. said he would look into changing our account from the Marblehead Bank to somewhere else. Jon Alexander suggested the National Grand Bank and then putting the money in a Credit Union for better interest was mentioned  by Peter. He will look into it for us.

Lynn said, “the bylaws are terrible, please make bylaws in accordance to our practices.” and Lawyer Paul Levenson agreed to do so along with Peter Frisch.

7. Don O-gave a brief summery of the next event at the Sun Circle on Saturday  July 17th at 11am to noon called the Conscious Convergence. More explanation is online by googling those two words.


6.   CIA Astronomer- Jim Keating  -Jim spoke about setting up an Abenakis Society for the children of the towns to educate them about the Solstices and Equinoxs as well as the moon and stars in the night sky. He handed out a flyer and explained that Abenakis means, “children of the dawn”. Jim suggested having people go to Globe online and Star Count for more information. He then went into having Star parties. He spoke also of proper lighting in the park so that we can really see the sky and cut down on light pollution. He suggested we could work to influence the towns and the whole country using lights that shine down and where it is needed instead of up in the sky.  He suggested we need these L E D lights at the park entrance and on the walkways. Jim is getting a rangers certificate to become a Sky Ranger and teach the people about the sky. He said of his students, “children want to learn for the sake of learning  and not for a grade.” Jim is looking for a grant for changing the lights around the park and the town.  He also spoke about each culture having its own story about the sky from the dawn of time. Many of those listening offered to join him in creating this Abenakis Society including Krena, Jake, Paul, Bruce, and Don.


7.   Park:

Planks: Lauren mentioned that the Sun Circle Diagram should be laminated and put on site for information to visitors. She said that the plants need to be watered regularly and she will add another hose to the park. Jon asked, “what is the problem with the planks?”

Sheryl suggested that we donate a plank to the Town of Swampscott at our expense for their help

Peter F. said, “we need better thank you’s to people and towns.” A vote on a plank for the town of Swampscott was taken and passed. Lauren said that “the final grading will be finished after the summer, including creating the dunes,  and matching Alex’s grade . We can’t lay all the planks now. I will get the bobcat with one guy and one machine and the project will be done this week.” Amy suggested we steer people towards buying a plank now.

 Benches: Allie asked if there was anyone who still wanted to buy a bench. Repair , replace and renew is still a project in waiting.


Dog Friendly area:  Fountain Bruce said the the plumber Mr. McCristan will be employed to plumb the fountain once the concrete is poured. Bruce said he would get this done within the next two weeks. Amy said, “we need a ceremony for the patrons who donated the money for this dog fountain. Sheryl added a thanks to Lynn and Bob Dillisio and the town for the repaving without a permit. A conduit for electricity was added for $678.50 which she is paying for.


Signage: Sheryl, Paul, Alexander, Bruce, Roberta

Alex brought copies of the Rules and Regulations for the park and gave them out. Some were laminated.  He gave out a long version and a short version and small copies were given to the agents as well to give to parkers. Rick Kimber did say that the people who mess the park up with alcohol and other items that should not be there at night will not read or adhere to the rules . Someone noticed that the dates were reversed where it said no dogs from May to October should have said, October to May.


No mention of a party as yet for the committee and friends at the park, The park reopening should be by Aug 1 hopefully.  No mention of press releases for anything other than the event on Saturday from 11-12.


Our next meeting will be on Aug 3 at 7pm Thursday-

Minutes of  CIA Meeting  May 11, 2010                            

Present: Lynn Nadeau, Sheryl Levenson, Peter Bowen, Don Orne, Paul Levenson,
Alexander Falk, Krena Horowitz, Bruce Greenwald, Jon Alexander, Bob Segil, Amy O’Connor, Peter Frisch, Nancy Hamlin, Allie Blodgett, Lauren Lautner
1. Election of Paul Levenson to the board- voted in unanimously by all present-round of applause.
2. Treasurer's Report: Peter Bowen distributed spreadsheet on a separate sheet of paper passed out to everyone. Available from Peter by email. He got a round of applause for doing such a thorough job. Krena suggested Pay Pal should go directly into savings and heard that Amy and Pete were working on it.

Clerk's Report: Peter Frisch-elected to be the assistant clerk in charge of paperwork for the state. He brought forms and the officers signed them for a certificate of change for state filing.  He said, “Have we rehired Abe Nasser to do the taxes for the CIA?” 
Insurance matters were discussed about which carrier to go with. Joe Green, Twig,  Betrice for liability insurance.
We are covered until May 22
nd and standard and non-standard quotes were going to be asked for.
Paul mentioned, “At this time that D & O coverage can be expensive, we have to analyze the risk.”  Jon asked, “Is our workman’s comp plus p & e ready?” Peter said that we need information from Rick. Jon mentioned that our fiscal year ends Dec 31st, and we have to account for money we collected under the 501(3)c. Pete Bowen will spearhead these efforts with help from Peter Frisch, Jon Alexander and Rick Patoski.
4. Recording Clerk: Don Orne-new recording secretary sent the minutes to everyone through Lynn and apologized for leaving off Paul Levenson’s name from last month’s annual meeting. He also apologized to Sheryl Levenson for mixing up the trash schedule for weekends and the summer. He misquoted her. Sorry!
5. Park Priorities and Progress: Bruce, Lauren, Sheryl
Sheryl spoke to David Cahill today. She said he and his crew cleaned up the park of trash and other littered items for us. He said he would spread sand where it was needed especially around the Sun Circle. Bruce HAS RECEIVED A BID FROM BOB DILISIO FOR THE SEAWALL REMEDIATION WORK, SHERYL IS WAITING FOR A WRITTEN QUOTE FROM CAHILL.  ONCE THEY HAVE BOTH BIDS, THE PARK COMMITTEE WILL FIGURE OUT HOW TO BEST PROCEED Lauren NEEDS TO FORMALIZE THE LANDSCAPE DRAWING FOR THE PARK. SHE made an on the spot topographical rendering of the park showing the ridge, the grading, the stone placements and plantings, hardscaping
"I am new to all this wording and a little confused about how it will all look, but I have total confidence in Bruce’s ability to create beauty," said Don. 
Allie said,”It has to look like a Robert Frost Wall.” 
Bruce said it will be a simple rock wall with two-foot boulders which are 18” high to protect and divert the water and provide seating. It was decided that whether Cahill or Dilisio get the job, that Peter Williams will be consulted. 
 Krena said, “It was Cahill’s idea for a rock wall.”
Paul mentioned that the first step in the process is to talk to the guy that did the plan to begin with. 
Krena said, “Time is of the essence.”
There will be another park meeting, which will be open to the board, and then perhaps an emergency meeting to get this done.
6. Guide to Beach Bluff Park 2010: Ads, material  -Krena
“We are just about done with the copy portion. It is a 44-page book, and we have $5,125 in ads so far. Alexander won with the most money brought in while Krena and Bruce brought in the most ads (14). We are extending the deadline until May 15 for ad copy.  Proceeds could exceed  $6,000 when we are finished. Lynn managed to get Marblehead Bank as an advertiser. Thanks Krena for all your leadership on this with Lynn.Allie asked if we had a spot in the book to thank advertisers for their support. Don suggested we take up a small collection from the attendees at the meeting and provide the money for that- thank you. Ten dollars was immediately collected for a total of $140 and the content of the ad was left to Don to choose. Allie suggested that we need to put a place for the date of the checks when writing thank you/tax donation receipt notes. 
7. Memberships: Amy
Amy encouraged all members to get their membership money in asap. She said, “All my cash is with Peter (the new treasurer). The cost for the mailing was around $400 this year, and there were only 49 responses so far”. She said,
"Old mailing list and emails should be weeded out to save on time and postage. Thirty percent is trash." 
Peter mentioned, “We have a large membership on email now.” Jon Alexander has a list of the life members and questioned whether the mailing was worth it. One person has opted out. Peter said, “We need a cost benefit analysis.  May and December are  A good time to contact the membership at large."  Amy reminded us that we are vital in participating in our own renewal and that planks are a great present at any time for any occasion. Bob Segil said, “Texting is overtaking email now and what are we doing about dealing with that avenue?” Nancy said, “It’s a combination of mail, email, and texting that is needed”. Sheryl suggested that we put an application for FUTURE ads in the 2010 book this year for those that look at the book and want to place an ad after reading it."
8. Agents at the Parking Lot: Jon Alexander, “We have not gotten too far with the candidate selection.  No interviews last week. I’d like to get them this coming week.  "We have one candidate, Jake, who is at Mt. Hermon," said Peter Frisch. 
 Lynn said we need 3 agents to start Memorial Day weekend. Discussion on hours and money and time were discussed. Peter asked, “What is the policy for non-action in the parking lot?”  
Lynn added, "We want the kids to work while they are there and sometimes it is hard to find something for them to do.” Krena said that maybe they could help stuff envelopes for next year's membership drive. Lynn said “ We are not guaranteeing them pay on rainy days at this point. The pay is $8 an hour, and we have 3 attendants for a total of 42 hours a week. Which is $336 a week or about $112 each per week provided they work the full time. Peter Frisch suggested they need a “head honcho” to be in charge of the others and fill in if one can’t make it. Then Peter mentioned that he has three kids ages 18, 18 and 22 that could use jobs this summer. Paul spoke about the bad economy and the fact that the quality of the agents and  their age may improve because of it.Peter said, “If your sitting on your rear end, we are not paying you.”
9. June 3  Fundraiser at Spirit of 76 Bookstore: Krena
It would be nice if everyone could just drop in for a moment to lend support and meet the author Janet E. Spurr from 6-8p.m., Thursday on Pleasant Street in Marblehead. Her book is Beach Chair Diaries, and we would get 20% of the total sales for the night from the sale of her book and other books. This will be a party as well as a fundraiser. Lynn mentioned that we need someone to sit at a table there and try to sell memberships to the CIA. (It comes with a free water pistol for the first  33 to sign up.) We will have food and drink. 
10. Sacred Site Events: Don
The big event that hopefully many will attend will be the Summer Solstice. This year it is on June 21st which is a Monday morning at 7:28 a.m. The actual sunrise ceremony is at 5:06 a.m. Both are important, and the sunrise is spectacular through Bruce’s ten lovely ladies standing tall against the storms of time.
11.The Butterfly Garden-Dennis Curtin and Lauren was not discussed at this meeting.
12. Bob Segil passed out his memorandum to all present to consider. Thanks, Bob.
13. Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 7:15 at Amy’s house
NOTE: Be careful how you park. Parking tickets were given out to the tune of $25 for those who parked near her house pointed in the wrong direction.
Respectfully submitted,
Don Orne-clerk

MINUTES of Annual Meeting held April 26, 2010 


Officers: President, Lynn Nadeau,Vice President Sheryl Levenson and new Treasurer, Peter Bowen, Secretary-Don Orne (new member)

Board members: Jon Alexander, Sylvia Belkin, Allie Blodgett, Alexander Falk, Bruce Greenwald, Nancy Hamlin, Karen "Krena" Horowitz, Joe Lautner, Roberta Levy and Amy O’Connor  Also: Paul Levenson, Dennis Curtin, Joan McDuff, Susan Walton and Audrey Helzner

President’s report and introductions: 

“We are in a good place. The skeleton of the new park has been constructed-the wall, the stairs, and the Sun Circle. We have a wonderful volunteer Board that has talent, wisdom, expertise and passion for our mission. We have weathered some disagreement, some dichotomy and even some acrimony and we are stronger for it. It was a tough winter and the storms have sent the water sluicing up the steps and creating a river through the park. These winter waters must be rechanneled. That is our main task this season…to repair the damage done and to figure out how to avoid future damage.  The steps must be repaired at once for safety and availability  to and from the beach. Once we do this, there are lots of ideas to make the park even more beautiful, useful and treasured.  We have a responsibility to those who are differently able to make sure that they can get around the park and see the ocean from the park and maneuver around the Sun Circle.

We were given $25,000 for a dog-friendly area which must be designed and built. Some people would like to see a shower at the lot. Some would like to see a toilet placed there. It would be wonderful to plant a garden in the extra parking lot which you will hear more about later.”

“We have had some retirements from the Board. Mary  Casey and Liz Durstine-Lipkind.  We greatly appreciate the time and energy that these retiring members have given to this community vision. We also have some new blood - Don Orne and Peter Bowen.  We have plans in place for an active spring and summer.”

Treasurer’s Report: Peter Bowen

The full  three page report was distributed to all present

The summary is included here:

                            M’head Checking    M’head reserve       UBS       PayPal

Started 2010        $2,797                        $14,067              $7,469      $5,026

Ending 2010        $5,940                         $10,082              $8,015      $5,246


Total: 2010        $29,282

CIA Expenses from Checking account as of 4/26/10    $956

Seven memberships were paid by paypal over the internet so far.

Thank you Peter for all the time and effort getting the new year off on a firm and accurate financial note.

Presentation of Slate of Officers for 2010-2011

Lynn Nadeau-President

Sheryl Levenson-Vice President

Peter Bowen-Treasurer

Clerk-Peter Frisch

Recording Secretary-Don Orne

Lynn called for a vote on the above list of officers and all present voted for the slate with none opposed

Lynn then called for a vote on the present list of the board to be re-elected and the vote was all in favor and none opposed

Park Plans: Bruce Greenwald

Bruce said, “We need to stabilize the wall first and foremost and line the back of the existing seawall to distribute the wave action.” Allie asked if we needed a new permit and the answer was no it is already an open permit. Bruce mentioned that there was extra material in a stockpile on the site to use for the project. Allie said, “we still have rocks in the parking lot.” Sylvia said that Cahill's equipment was in an unattractive place. She asked if his equipment could be parked elsewhere in a better spot through the summer She suggested that David park in our lot instead of on the beach.

Sheryl mentioned that the clean up is in the works on town property, and the town has an easement on our side, and Ory has given permission to have it parked on his side.

Bruce said, trash cans should be in a better place. Allie asked “hidden in the sumac?” 

Amy asked, how often does the town pick up the trash? Sheryl said, they don’t do weekends until summer.”

Bruce said that Alex’s house property line is three feet in Swampscott and the plan is to provide  a gentle slope coming down into the park. The walkways will be the highpoint and create a low spot next to the walkway to help with the water flow. Bruce emphasized that the first order of business is land forming the low and high spots. “Building a ringwall to protect the Sun Circle,  we want to move the water as best we can."

Alex mentioned that Doug  S. promised him a 50% cash donation and a 50% labor donation amounting to $20,000 total. Amy said, “Lauren still feels pretty good about it.” Alex said, “We should be grateful for any services from him at this point.” However, no one was able to confirm that he will be able to provide any work right now. 

Alex added that the planks are going to be on top of the ridge, and Amy said, “The planks are yet to be figured out.” It was agreed that we should be getting a second quote from Dilisio. 

Amy asked, “How much money do we need to finish the project?” 

Alex added, “North of $50,000.” Allie asked, “Does the $50,000 include Lauren?” The answer was no.

Allie continued, “It bothers me that the rocks on the swag side aren’t big enough on the beach to withstand the storms against the wall. The rocks have worked their way down the beach towards Phillips Beach. Alex added that the rocks in the wall are 6- to 7-ton rocks and aren’t going anywhere. Bruce mentioned that 18-inch rocks will be used as part of the flooding solution. More discussion from various people on the rocks and park, but won’t be added here for sake of time and space.


Lynn thanked Bruce for his wonderful presentation and then had a surprise. 

"The Presentation (photos enclosed)  From the State House and our State Representative Lori Ehrlich. “Let me read it to you and then let me say a few words about Bruce’s work.” 

“He is being honored because of his contributions to the

community.  We who have had the pleasure of working with him directly have seen him use his talent, creativity and expertise to make this project real.  He spent countless days, hours and weeks to make this vision a reality. With unflagging energy and impossibly high standards, he designed the Sun Circle, travelled to Seattle to pick out the stone, worked with the Board and his beloved wife Krena to raise the money needed for the construction.  Then he had to hire the contractors and oversee the construction.  He has spent endless hours down at the Park answering questions from the countless visitors who are drawn to the site.

"But that is not the only reason for this award. He is being honored also because of his work on the Marblehead District Commission on which he sat for over ten years. He has worked to preserve and augment the beauty and glory of downtown Marblehead, to save the old  building that had been the Harbormaster’s office and to move it to its new spot on the Salem wharf.  He carefully took all the measurements of the Lee Mansion and turn those measurements into useful data that helped to create a virtual walkthrough for students, academics and visitors of this treasured building.  Bruce, truly your accomplishments have made a difference to people.”

As Kahil Gibran wrote, “Work is love made visible. Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it, take with you your all.  You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” 

Bruce, thank you for giving of yourself.  Thank you for your enormous contributions to the entire community.”



2010 Guide to Beach Bluff Park 

Karen "Krena" Horowitz said she and Lynn were using the old format from the 2009 publication using many more photos in black and white along with new information about the Sun Circle, the tides, flora and fauna and a fundraising section. Krena added that Sir Speedy in Boston was the printer again and that more ads are needed to raise more money. She added that the publication is already in profit by $2000, but that she hoped more ads would come in to help pay for the park repairs.  They mentioned about 700 copies would be made available for members to distribute to at the park and at other sites including the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce kiosk. Krena has created a form for members to take and pass out to advertisers and that the $75 business card ad was the value of the year (an additional $25 will get the advertisers a CIA membership).  . 

The deadline for ads is May 10th to be ready for a June 3rd distribution. This is a major fundraiser ,and everyone’s help is needed for success.

The second fundraiser is:

A tie-in with the Spirit of '76 Bookstore in Marblehead for June 3rd from 6-8pm

featuring a book signing of the author Janet E. Spurr's book, Beach Chair Diaries. Krena said we would get 20% of the total sales for the night which will be a party as well as a fundraiser.

Summer Agents:

Kids to work at the parking lot as attendants for the summer have to be hired for $8 an hour. They must be 14 years or older. The lot is open from May 31st on.



Amy Connor gave a report on the internet connection. Now that we are set up with PayPal,  more people can pay for their donations, contributions, memberships, and ads for Beach Bluff Guides for 2010. She also thanked the stuffers who helped stuff. She said, “We have 200 valid e-mail addresses.” She also suggested having advertisers put their ads up on the site and collect money from them for fundraising, providing a steady stream of money at no real cost to us. Thank you, Amy, that is going to make a nice difference. Great work!


The Garden of Eden -Dennis Curtin

Due to a time factor, Dennis showed one photo of one Monarch butterfly on his iPhone and that was the slideshow. Hopefully we will have time to see the whole presentation at some point soon. He is writing a book on Monarch Butterflies and spoke about tagging the monarchs and following them to Mexico. He said, “This was the worst year for butterflies in recorded history due to many factors such as not enough Milkweed along highways and chemical spraying of places where many butterflies fed. He mentioned the site, to get more information and suggested we create a butterfly habitat on half of the parking lot to teach children and adults about the Monarchs. He wants to create the Marblehead/Swampscott Butterfly Garden and needs help and a possible co-chair for the committee.


The next meeting of the CIA will be on May 11th Tuesday night at Amy O’Connor’s house at 7:30 pm  on 4 Hawthorne Rd. Swampcott


Allie mentioned that we have two members running for office in Swampscott with us. #1 Sylvia Belkin for Planning Board and #2 Amy O’Connor running for Elected Town Meeting Representative.

Good luck!!!!!


Events at the Sun Circle:

May 26 —13 Ahau event Mayan ceremony

June 21—Summer Solstice  Sunrise ceremony 5:06 a. m. earlybirds

June 21—Summer Solstice Event 7:28 a. m.  actual time of solstice

June 26—Full Moon  low tide at 5:06

July 17—Conscious Convergence Event

July 27— Full moon  low tide


Respectfully submitted, Don Orne - recording secretary