CIA Chronology

June 1, 1934 Nine Marblehead residents met together at Hobbs Community Center at 8:30 pm to found the Clifton Improvement Association, Inc.
         They were:
                  Harry B. Lippardt 15 Elmwood Rd
                  Hugh Campbell 32 Clifton Ave.
                  Marie Hildebrand 1 Conant Rd.
                  Helen FitzPatrick 43 West St.
                  Osbon Bullen 9 Charlotte Rd.
                  Marion and Edward Duggan Martin Terr
                  John Haymond 21 Brookhouse Dr
                  Stanley Sporrong 14 Mystic Rd

June 15, 1934 Articles of Incorporation filed with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Through WWII and after, activities abounded on the beach. A truck swept the beach daily. Red Cross lifeguards instructed the children and patrolled the beach, and rainy day activities at Hobbs allowed youngsters who lived in town to meet summer residents.

November 6, 1944 Gift of land from Emerson Reality Trust by Abraham Sonnabend.
Gift of land from the Brookhouse Trust by John H. and Ruth Paine Blodgett followed soon after.
June 8, 1956 Gift of land from Ida and Robert Freeman

1957 Eveleth School opened due to CIA campaign.

May 3, 1971 CIA dissolved by the Commonwealth for failure to file Annual Reports

1971-1988 Period of dormancy

April 1989 New neighborhood energy comes to CIA

July 7, 1992 The CIA is issued a Certificate of Revival by the Commonwealth

August 1992 Shed installed on lot with plantings.

October 14, 1992 New bylaws passed, anyone can join.

May, 1993 Marblehead Town Meeting passes CIA sponsored Article to repair Surf St. portion of seawall

June, 1993 IRS grants tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status to CIA thanks to Doug Nadeau.

August, 1993 Bubbler installed at lot thanks to Jerry November and Mary Franklin.

December 16, 1993 Special meeting of CIA votes to accept gift of land offered by Blodgett family.

December 20, 1993 Blodgett family donates land to CIA, thanks to legal help of Paul Levenson.

January, 1994  Lauren Lautner arranges for grant of trees for planting at parking lot.

July, 1994 Community focuses on finding financial support and human energy to complete the park.

1999 Beach Bluff Park dedicated.