Summer  Parking

The parking lot will be staffed by our Clifton Improvement Association (CIA) Agents starting Saturday, May 27 (Memorial Day weekend). The Agents will be at the lot weekends through June and
seven-days a week starting July 1st.

Need a membership? No problem! You can buy a membership from our Agents at the parking lot or send dues (a $50 check made out to the Clifton Improvement Association) to Peter Bowen at 97 Seaview Ave., Marblehead, MA, 01945. If you send in your dues, you can pick up your sticker at the lot. 

Membership is just $50 and supports park upkeep, our Sun Circle, and more. Members also get FREE parking all summer in the lot! (Parking is $10 per day for non-members.)

Here's to a great summer!