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2019 Committee Structure

 Committee Name Description Coordinator &
Current Members
Public Relations     Responsible for our interfaces with the public;
Facebook, website, newspapers, etc.
Kristen Nyberg
Lynn Nadeau, Roberta Chadis, Don Orne
Membership Responsible for our interface with our members;
membership drives, ClubExpress
Kelly Upham
Kristen Nyberg
Education Responsible for developing and executing an
education program
Sheryl Levinson
Roberta Chadis, Julianna Thibodeaux,
Charya Peou
Summer Operations Responsible for the day-to-day operations
between Memorial Day and Labor Day
Kelly Upham
Phil Lee, Kristen Nyberg, Lynn Nadeau,
Roberta Levy, Pete Bowen, Charya Peau
Park Responsible for maintaining the park Bruce Greenwald
Roberta Levy, Sheryl Levinson, Allie
Blodgett, Pete Bowen
Finance Responsible for all financial matters Phil Lee
Sheryl Levinson, Roberta Chadis, Pete
Fundraising and
Responsible for fundraising activities and for 
acting on and thanking for donations and
Coordinator TBD
Roberta Chadis, Allie Blodgett, Pete
Nominating Responsible for all officer and board member
Sheryl Levinson
Roberta Chadis, Don Orne
Ad Hoc Committees formed for a defined period and
As needed