Come to the Sun Circle

for the Solar Eclipse!

The Sun Circle at Preston Beach is the perfect place to experience the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. The eclipse begins at 1:28pm and ends at 3:59pm. Locally, the eclipse will reach a maximum of 63%, at 2:46pm - which is at mid-tide.

**Make sure you don't look directly at the sun, as you can damage your eyes. Use special glasses with a hydrogen-alpha filter. They're available at and Abbot Public Library also has some!

For more information about the eclipse, visit Nasa’s website at or the site for the American Astronomical Society


Membership to the Clifton Improvement Association is just $50 and supports park upkeep, our Sun Circle, and more. Members also get FREE parking all summer in the lot! (Parking is $10 per day for non-members.) You can get your CIA Member sticker from our parking lot agents on weekends, 10:00am-4:00pm, through June... and seven days a week starting in July. 

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