CIA minutes

August 20, 2014

Lynn’s House


Present: Lynn, Roberta L, Sheryl, Don, Nancy, Roberta C, Bruce, Kristen, Phil, Kelly

Treasurer’s Report:  Pete Bowen was unable to attend but sent this along in advance:

“Since I can’t make the Board meeting, I’m attaching my treasurer’s report.

  1. As agreed at the last meeting, we moved an additional $2K to our Vanguard Account
  2. It looks like we will meet our projected revenue budget and be in the black ink since we spent less on the park restoration this year.
  3. The majority of the expenses since the last meeting are obviously higher since the expected rebate on our workmen’s comp insurance policy; the pots and planting in front of the shed. The expense under Supplies Gilbert & Cole for shed supplies. Under Misc is the dinner gift for Kristen’s Sept 6th event.

Since I expect you will discuss the porta-potty proposal at the meeting and many are in favor of a porta-potty in the parking lot; I vote no because I think it has both trouble/vandalism potential. I suspect that the other neighbors would agree with me since we have operated without bathroom facilities for years and are thriving as an organization without one.

We have $70,984 in our treasury at this point.

Park & Parking Lot:  Bruce said that Gilbert and Cole was paid and we have left over supplies from the shed. Roberta did a great job with the potted plants.

Chet put up a flagpole and a vote was taken to put a flag up but we should wait till next spring to put one in place. Voted yes.

There was much discussion on the space between the shed where all the illegal activities have been happening. Needles and trash and used condoms have been found on many occasions. Trees may have to be moved and other measures to stop this activity.

Discussion on the porta-potty began. We found out that it costs $137.06 to rent one for a day. The cons outweighed the pros and Bruce asked to table the idea. A vote to table was taken and passed unanimously.

Sheryl and others asked if anything special was happening to repay Chet Derr for his hours of labor and time and supplies out of pocket. A plaque with his name on it will be happening. A plank was given to him already and it was voted to give him $350 in the form of a Home Depot gift card.

The Party on Sept 6, 2014 Saturday is in full swing. Kristen and Kelly have secured free wine and someone else is working on getting free pizza. We have speakers in place like Jim Keating and Bruce and Lynn and others to talk about the park, the parking lot, the Sun Circle, the new additions etc.

A bartender is in place for $50, trash pickup is being arranged. Kristen is bringing a popcorn maker. Tables and chairs and umbrella are being brought in. The event is from 2-6 with the speeches from 2-4 and the Adult format from 4-6. The whole point is to engage the community as to what and who we are with regards to Beach Bluff Park, CIA, Sun Circle, book library etc. Roberta is bringing plastic ID’s for us and Kristen is taking care of the press releases.

A brief discussion about Chett’s little model shed he did for us was disused. Someone expressed interest in buying it. Sheryl will talk to Chet about that piece.

Kristen passed out her Immediate Release flyer describing the event, which was extensive including all the information needed for the public. A shorter version was recommended. Thank you all for all your hard work regarding this event. 

Next meeting is yet to be determined.


Don Orne- Secretary


JULY 14, 2014   LYNN’S HOUSE   7-9

Present: Lynn, Sheryl, Pete, Don, Kelly, Bob, Roberta Chadis, Kristen, Phil , Bruce, Julia Broman (agent)

Treasurer’s report: Pete Bowen-handed out report.

Pete told us about the socially responsible Van Guard account that we transferred $10,000 to recently. He mentioned that we had earned $297 as of tonight in that account. He also said we had $153 in our UBS account. “We have taken in $6,804 in memberships and stickers and another $2791 in daily parking. We paid Robert Dempster $688 for sand and gravel and we paid Chet (carpenter building our shed) $4,030 so far.” It was suggested and voted on transferring another $2,000 to our Vanguard account.  Pete said, “we were expecting our park and rec expenses to be more expensive than they were. We will meet the membership and maintenance expenses and under spend on other expenses. We paid our payroll so far which came to $1200.

We ran out of shingles for the new shed and Chet had to go to Home Depot and buy the rest with his own money. Someone had a Memorial Service on the beach and gave us $75. There was also a wedding which only had four people but they bought a plank from us.

Park and Lot:  Bruce-a photo of the shed was sent around. Bruce said that only the shingles are left to finish the shed. The door is hung and magnets are part of the hinge mechanism. Sheryl got Chet to stick around and finish off the shed before he left for vacation. She said that if he charged for his labor the shed would have cost $10,000 instead of $4,000. We came in under budget on materials and some landscaping and demolition of the old shed needs to still be done.

There was a long discussion about porta-potties for the parking area for the agents to use as well as the public. No action was taken but research is being done to discuss at the next meeting.

Sheryl suggested a plank for Chet and Sequoia would be in order and a vote was taken and all agreed. It was mentioned that more sand was needed at the park under the planks because some are sinking on one side. Mainly because sand was put down first this year instead of after the planks were in place. It was also noted that a ping-pong table was left as trash in the parking area and evidently others have used it as a place to dump trash. The agents have come across items for assignationwhile cleaning up certain areas and discussion on how to stop these acts on CIA property ensued. The dog fountain was damaged and the faucet needs to be replaced. Sheryl wondered if we should advertise about the new shed with photos of our new Little Library. Some wondered if we should put a lock on the shed

Agents-One agent was present tonight, Julia Broman and when asked how things were going this year she said, “it’s going, it’s going.” If the intake of money from memberships, stickers and parking are any indication of how things are really going, apparently swimmingly. Great job Julia Kyle, Mallory and Jamie.

Our 80th celebration party-Kristen and Kelly gave out a written report called, Discover and Celebrate. Saturday September 6, 2014 from 2-6pm at the park.  It is being billed as an Open House and all the members, board of CIA and the public are invited.  A mission statement and reason for the event was stated as well as an interactive session with Bruce, Robert Dempster, Roberta Levy, Lynn, Pete, Sheryl and board members including Jim Keating and Don. Refreshments will be provided by the CIA and a budget for preparation, Reception, food and drink was offered. Expenses running about $1300 but no more than $1500. Hats off to Bob, Kristen and Kelly for proposing and organizing this event. A motion was made to accept the Celebration and all it entails and voted unanimously in favor.

The Communications Committee will meet the 18th- this Friday morning at 9:30 at Lynn’s house.

Next Board meeting: Aug 19th Tues at 7pm  Lynn’s house 

Respectfully submitted,   Don Orne, Secretary

CIA MINUTES  June 9, 2014  LYNN’S HOUSE  7-9PM

Present: Lynn, Sheryl, Pete, Don, Bob, Jon, Kelly, Roberta, Nancy, Phil, Kristen, Roberta Chadis

Treasurer report: Pete handed out his financial statement to the committee. “We had an interesting month”  “We took in $4,255 this last weekend alone.” The weather and the tides have to line up just right for that kind of weekend and we had one.”

Our expenses for the Park completion to Robert Dempster for 2.5 days were $1600. We bought a new trash receptacle weighing two hundred pounds for $625.

, The smaller barrel went in the right of way near the Ron’s house. Pete also said that forty-two people paid $10 each to park this Saturday and others just donated various amounts

Park Committee: Bruce gave thanks to Lisa Hickey and her crew for helping in a big way to get the park in shape for the season. The planks are all down and we are fine-tuning now, Robert Dempster and Roberta and Pete where major helpers in the shape up as well. We did lose some plants over the winter.  There is a crew coming this Thursday to spread the pea stone in the Sun Circle. And the weeding party on Saturday was successful. They had 8 people show up to do the work, which will continue on the first Saturday of each month through September. Thanks Pete! We cut down the grasses with a power trimmer and the newly installed electricity is working perfectly for all future events requiring power.

We transplanted grass into the bare spots and work is being down to soften the area around the three stone pillars’ near the stairs to the beach.

The parking lot –the concrete slab has been poured for the foundation of the new shed, which for the time being is being created right near the old shed.

Sheryl mentioned that we need to coordinate with Gilbert and Cole for the supplies to build the shed with a window and a door. Part of the shed will be home to the new bookcase for the library inside the shed.

Jon-Agents report- we have three applicants. Two are on the younger side. Three are coming back from last year. The 4 agents are Julia Broman, Kyle Maulden, Mallory Coyle and Jamie Ehrlich.  Three females and one male make up the agents for the coming season.

As of last report after the busy weekend, they are doing fine.

Attitudes are all good and Kelly got their photo up on our website.

Park plans-Sheryl-The freestanding library idea didn’t work out, so since the shed needed to be redone, we will incorporate the 8’x8 ‘space adding the bookcase within the shed. Contractors will do the work for free. It will include a cement slab floor with pvc materials incorporated. The cost for the slab as was mentioned came to $1200. Gilbert and Cole will be the supplier and it is hoped they will give us a break in the cost of materials. Sheryl’s friend Chet built us a model of the bookcase and we looked at it on Lynn’s table. It is to be called a Free Little Library. We will need to cut down two trees in front of the shed. It will have four shelves that are eight feet long. Phil picked up three boxes of books from Abbot Library for free. We had  a discussion about the shelves. Stuffed animals were mentioned along with the books and not wanting it to be a toy store was spoken of.

Allie said she wanted to see shutters to see the books. Someone else said, “let’s keep it simple.” Someone thought that would make it look like a barn door. The shed will be separate and locked but the Little Library will be open for business all of the time. Roberta said she would landscape around the new shed and will work to soften the look of the shed. Someone thought we should have an opening ceremony when the shed and library are finished. Bruce distributed schematic drawings of the shed with the library and it looked really professional and clean.. Sheryl did say that now is the time to order the door and window and that our permit is posted. The next discussion was whether to use cedar or cement shingles. No decision yet.

Books for the library are in Kristen’s garage and only one tree needs to be removed. We discussed three bids for removal and the favorite that people had used before was Carpenter Costin.

Bruce is carrying the weight on this part. He suggested a material to use on the base of the structure to prevent corrosion.

Lynn is doing the PR on the Summer Solstice, which is at 5am on June 21, which is a Saturday. Don mentioned he had some talent lined up to sing or play an instrument along with the normal fare.

Lynn mentioned that the committee’s communication is getting better than ever due to Kelly and Kristen and other members new and old.  Email blasts, face book presence, tweets, Kiosk at park and more exposure in general. 

Parking on Atlantic Ave was discussed. Pete asked Sheryl to look into whether parking was legal or not and it may have had a No Parking Sign posted years ago but was knocked down and never replaced.  She is going to look into that with the Town of Swampscott.

Our new Sunshine Girl (Roberta Chadis) told us about Phil’s birthday  Philip Lee  15 Conant Rd. M’head  978-649-4549  dob:June 12   Gemini

Phil shared that National Ice Cream month is July

80th Anniversary of the CIA-Thank you Party in August-–Aug 11 during a full moon from approx 4-7pm . Thoughts of renting a tent that night were mentioned. Bob said, “it is not a fundraiser” Kristen and Allie will be helping on this project along with Kelly. No decision to have the party was firmed up or voted on.

Bob resigned from being the chair of this project tonight. Thanks Bob for suggesting this project for us to follow through on. Looks like it might happen with or without a tent.

Other conversations included a tri-fold brochure being updated and distributed. Our booklet being updated. Allie is sending out thank you notes to those involved in our Annual Meeting. Money distribution and how much to invest in a Vanguard account. It was voted to let Phil invest $10,000 this year of our $40,000

We miss you Khrena!

JULY 14, is our Next Meeting at Lynn’s house 7pm

Respectfully submitted - Don Orne, Secretary

CIA minutes      April 28, 2014      Lynn’s house  7:15PM


 Present: Allie, Nancy H., Sheryl, Jon, Bob, Lynn, Don, Bruce, Roberta, Phil, Pete

 Pete-handed out Treasurer’s report available to committee upon request

Jon - Agents report- We have three applicants. Two are on the younger side. Three are coming back from last year:  Axi Berman, Julia Broman and Kaitlin Parthum. We also received an application from Jamie Ehrlich, Casey’s sister, and hired her. Three females and one male make up the agents for the coming season. (Note: Kaitlin has resigned and Kyle Maulden will take her place.)

Parking lot plans for Little Free Library - Sheryl-The free standing library idea was modified by incorporating the bookcase within a new shed to be built. Contractors will do the work for free. It will include a cement slab floor with pvc materials. Gilbert and Cole will be the supplier and it is hoped they will give us a break in the cost of materials. Sheryl’s friend Chet built us a model of the bookcase and we looked at it on Lynn’s table. We will need to cut down two trees in front of the shed. It will have four shelves that are eight feet long. Phil picked up three boxes of books from Abbot Library for free to start us off. We had  a discussion about the shelves. Allie said she wanted to see shutters to see the books. Someone else said, “let’s keep it simple.” Someone thought that would make it look like a barn door. The shed will be separate and locked but  the Little Library will be open for business all of the time. Roberta said she would landscape around the new shed and will work to soften the look of the shed. Someone thought we should have an opening ceremony when the shed and library are finished. Bruce distributed schematic drawings of the shed with the library and it looked really professional and clean.

Lynn-Mailing and stickers project- Kristen is not here and we will have to use the old format and just change the date to get everything out by May 5th.  If we miss that date is will cost $225 to renew our permit with the Post Office for mass mailing.  We will the price from $45 to $50 for the stickers. Lynn will call Kristen tomorrow to iron out details. Pete said he has 539 labels and stuffers will be needed to get the job complete.

80th Anniversary of the CIA-Thank you Party in August-Bob –Aug 11 during a full moon from approx 4-7pm . Thoughts of renting a tent that night were mentioned. Bob said, “it is not a fundraiser” Kristen and Allie will be helping on this project.

Park Talk-Bruce- Robert Dempster was in the park today to start cleaning up. He will dig ditches to bury the black tubing for the irrigation hoses and push back the stones in the Sun Circle and around the park so the planks can be put back down. Roberta said that she thinks we need more shade in the park at different points and the bulletin board should be updated each week or month to reflect coming attractions. Someone mentioned giving an interview with Marblehead Magazine with pictures and information about the park to the public for public relations good will. “Pete, “we have done a magnificent job of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again as far as repairing the park each year. We got ahead of the game by taking up, stacking and numbering the planks this year. We are the Kings Men who need to put Humpty Dumpty back together this spring. The horses are the equipment and Lisa Hickey’s gang that set the place in motion. It is a team effort and we are thankful for all the help to recreate the park each year better than ever.


Events of Interest: Don

May 1-Abbot Hall-ringing the bell for National Prayer Day noon-all welcome

May 11, noon-Gatchell Green- Standing Women’s event for peace on Mother’s day

May 17, noon at Devereux Beach, Hands Across the Sand Global Event- 20 minutes in length 

Next meeting will be the Annual Meeting at Hobbs Center 66 Clifton Ave

7pm May 19 Monday

Respectfully submitted,   Don Orne-Secretary


MARCH 13, 2014


48 Bellevue Road, SWAMPSCOTT



PRESENT; Lynn, Sheryl, Pete, Don, Bruce, Khrena, Jon, Kristen, Phillip, Roberta Chadais, Kelly

 1.  Sheryl-Book Library-“my neighbor has done a schematic rendering of the bookshelf he will build on wheels for us.” Photo was passed to everyone and photographed to send out by email. “It looks like what we want for the little library. We can get the supplies at Home Depot. Chet Durman is doing the bookshelf and Sheryl thought it would be nice to have a small plaque on the bookshelf with his name on it.

” Lynn said she would like to do a picture and article about the gentleman doing this work for the newspaper. Pete will write the check for it.

 2.    Sheryl-Report from Nominating Committee-The committee met several times since our last meeting and came up with the following:  The current officers namely, Lynn-President, Sheryl-Vice President, Pete, treasurer, and Don-Secretary will remain the same for the year 2014-15.

3.    The Board of Directors for the CIA are: Bruce, Allie, Nancy H. Roberta Levy, Jon Alexander, Kelly Upham, Kristen Nyberg, Roberta Chadais, Phillip Lee, Khrena will be taking a leave of absence this year.

4.    Bruce –mentioned his cousin, Mark Greenwald who initially donated $15,000 to the creation of the Sun Circle. He suggested that we do something special to recognize that effort and it was discussed, voted on and agreed to give him two planks. They will go in the thank you section of the park. Bruce also mentioned his brother Alan Greenwald who donated $5,000 to be considered for a plank.

5.    Bruce then suggested that we set up something to more formally   honor large contributors. That was discussed and agreed upon.

6.    Pete said that we list the planks now for $275 down from $350. He said the engraver, Carl Segal should get $10 per plank for his work.  Lynn said that maybe we should offer planks for work done and money contributed.  Jon asked if we were thinking of setting up two thank you areas in the park and the answer was no.

7.    A new committee was discussed for taking on the task of writing notes for committee member’s birthdays, marriages, deaths, sickness and other important events in the lives of the members of the Board.

Roberta Chadais and Khrena volunteered to take this task on to demonstrate (heart stuff). A motion was made and seconded to create this committee to be called the Sunshine Masters. It was seconded, voted upon and passed unanimously. Thank you!

The new chair then asked for everyone’s birthday.

 Bruce                          --------

Lynn Nadeau             Oct 31

Roberta Chadais       Nov 1

Krena                          Oct 29

Allie                             Oct 31

Jon A.                          April 2

Robert Levy             ---------

Nancy Hamlin         ---------

Kelly                           April 2

Don                             Aug  8

Pete                            Mar 30

Phil                             June 12

Sheryl                        Aug 31

Kristen                      Jan 7


8.    Jon-organizing the summer agents with Kelly’s help this year. Thanks guys.

9.    Lynn got our article in the Marblehead Reporter but they didn’t run anything in Swampscott and the Sun Circle is actually in Swampscott not Marblehead. Roberta Chadais said she would contact the Swampscott paper and ask them to come to the event and send a photographer and reporter to cover the Swampscott event on Thursday March 6;45am.

 10.                  Kristen is taking over the graphic duties from Khrena. “ We are doing a trifold brochure this year with return envelope inside. We do have a PayPal button on our website. “Pete has access to the account.

11.                  We currently have 350 members. Lynn takes care of the car stickers and orders 500 at a time from Litchman’s Printing. We usually have these to buy at our annual meeting, which will be May 19th at Hobbs at 66 Clifton St. at 7pm.

12.                  Pete- our treasurer gave out his report for the month.

13.                  He noted that we paid a $250 water bill, which was not in the report. He invested another $10,000 last fall into a Vanguard fund. The committee wanted us to only invest in socially responsible companies. Such as avoiding tobacco, firearms, alcohol investing. Pete said, “We are profitable. We are not losing money anymore.  We have $33,0000 in reserve." It was mentioned that we should probably invest another $10,000 in the spring.

14.                  Finance committee- Phil Lee, Pete Bowen, Jon Alexander.

15.                  Next meeting April 28th Monday at Lyn’s house on Surf St.

16.                  Don is raking and carrying some of the stones out of the Sun Circle before the event on Thursday March 20th at 6; 45am. The weather is challenging and so is the area this year but we will carry on and get the work done. If it is not possible on the 20th then the 21rst will be the rain date. Don also is attempting to organize the Hands across the Sand Global event for May 17th. We did this before and had a wonderful turnout and great participation. He does need a little help with this one. Thanks  (tide chart for noon on this date is needed. )Sponsors , products, tee shirts etc. PR in all media. Etc.

17.                  A big thanks to all the officers and committee members past and present who have served this group through the years. Thank you so much for your energy, time and care of this very special park. 

Respectfully submitted:  Don ORne -Secretary

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014 at Kelly Upham’s home at 48 Bellevue Ave, in Swampscott at 7:15pm

Present: Sheryl, Kelly, Phillip and Kristen, Don, Nancy H. , Bob Segil, Pete, Allie.


Pete brought in and passed out his most recent report from the first two weeks in January. He had already released his monthly and year-end report via email to the committee. He mentioned that we are in good shape moneywise having more than $57,000 at the start of 2014. He estimated that the Spring clean up from the storms to bring the park back to it’s untouched state before the storms would cost $13,500. Thanks Pete for another year of outstanding work with our finances.

2. Park Committee News: Pete

Pete sent photos of the storm damage that he took and noted that the planks were absolutely saved by us picking them up this year and placing them in a safe spot for future use. The planks are also numbered which will help tremendously in the Spring. The design of the park with its rocks and trees and sand dunes with planting gets better each year and damage has been minimized by the placement of those elements.

The Sun Circle was totally covered by rocks large and small and the sprinkler system totally uprooted with some erosion to the sand dunes.

Kristen said she would put the information on our site and face book at Friends of Beach Bluff Park at Preston Beach so that the public would understand that the park is privately funded and maintained each year by a non profit organization known as the CIA (Clifton Improvement Association) and that we welcome the public’s help by their participation and donations. We are looking for young people to get involved as never before and hope to see them not just using the park; but helping to weed, water and maintain it for their children.

3. Nominating committee

Sheryl said that we currently have seven directors and we need a slate of officers for the coming year. Sheryl read the bylaws and noted that any member can be nominated. We need to first ask the present officers if they want to continue in their present positions, retire from the office or change to another office. Sheryl who is heading the nominating committee asked Don if he would like to be on the nominating committee and he agreed. That left one slot opened for someone present to volunteer. Bob Segil did volunteer and so the nominating committee was selected. They are Sheryl, Don and Bob S.

We currently have twelve members on the board. Seven are here now and we have five openings. This committee will meet this winter and report back to the committee.

4. Date for Annual Meeting- after much discussion we selected and agreed on May 13, 2014 Tuesday night at Hobbs Center 66 Clifton Ave, Marblehead at 7pm.

Fifteen members are needed for a quorum.

5. Reports from the Communications Committee

The members of this committee are: Kristen, Lynn, Roberta Chadais, Khrena and Kelly

- Kristen met at Lynn’s house the night of Allie’s party to discuss - Email blasts, booklets without ads, website, face book presence, etc - Kelly will be updating our website.

6.Ideas for new projects: Sheryl’s main idea was to get younger kids involved in activities within the park and not just walking through with their parents to use the beach. Sheryl had an idea to combine an Easter Egg Hunt and hiding the Matzo at the park on April 20, which is Easter Sunday. Kristen mentioned getting the kids involved in painting rocks and decorating them as well. Ice cream may be involved. There is always the book cart project as well.

7. Ideas for fundraisers: Allie said that the committee has done an amazing job. Pete said, recruiting new members is very important.

Members who were at Allies house party thank her and her whole family for all their hard work that night. The turn out was fantastic and all had a good time. Thank you Allie!!!!!

8. Next meeting date: February 20, 2014 Thursday at 7:15 at Kelly Upham's house, Thank you for allowing us to have our meetings at your lovely home.

9.Other business: Pete mentioned that this year would be the 80th anniversary of the park that not too many people realized.

Bob S. came up with an idea of having a Celebration Party to honor this event. An open house is what he mentioned which would be free to the public. The main purpose of this would be a recruitment party to bring in new members. Hopefully younger members. He hoped there could be food and drink offered in an informal setting with no speeches. Our brochures could be given out and questions answered by current members about the group and the park. Bob made a motion and it was seconded to create this event this year and Kristen agreed to be his co-chair. He hoped there could be four volunteers in total to help him. Allie said, “We need some enthusiasm to inspire people to join. “ Bob and Kristen will get back to the group at our February meeting regarding this new commitment.

A slogan was mentioned which was: 80 years and Going Strong.

FYI: CIA = Clifton Improvement Assoc. KGB=Kids group on the beach FBI=Friends of Beach Improvement

Spring Equinox - March 20 Easter - April 20 Passover - Monday April 14-Tue April 22 Mother’s Day - Sunday, May 11

Respectfully submitted, Don Orne-secretary

 Nov 3, 2013 Sunday morning 10-12am   Lynn’s house


Present: Pete, Nancy, Lynn, Don, Krena Bruce, Kristen, Sheryl, Roberta, Phil, Kelly, Roberta Chadis


1.     Treas report: Pete- handed out his summary and went over the figures. He mentioned that we had the largest turnout for stickers ever with 349 members paid for a total of  $15,705.  Daily parking fees came to $6680.  Other information available from Pete included a breakdown of % of each town’s participation. Approx. M’head  60%, Swampscott 18%  Salem, Lynn, Peabody, Nahant making up the other towns participation.

High finance: Pete suggested we move $20,000 of the $45,000 to our USB fund. Bruce wanted to lower that to $10,000. Phil suggested a Vanguard fund. Lynn wanted to make sure that whatever fund we pick must not have fossil fuels as part of their portfolio and be socially responsible.  A motion to move $10,000 to a new investment was made and seconded and passed with one no vote from Lynn who wants to be sure that socially responsible investments are checked out.


Pete said that the web hosting costs for the coming year would be about $365

And the new bike rack costs us $777 installed and delivered.

Our treasurer made a motion to raise the price of parking daily to $10 and raising the sticker price from $45 to $50 a year. A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.


Communications Committee appointed. Lynn and others discussed the creation of a new brochure - a tri-fold single sheet of paper printed on both sides with an explanation of the CIA to pass out at public events. Discussion included resurrecting the existing booklet that Krena and Lynn worked on in previous years. Roberta Chadis mentioned that her family was in the printing business and will look into printing the booklet without the business ads and tide charts. It cost $600 to print 500 copies of our last booklet with color front and back and approximately 22 pages. Kristen created a facebook page for the CIA - check it out at Friends of Beach Bluff Park at Preston Beach and “like” it.  Kelly volunteered to be the website co-coordinator and a Communications Committee was formed with volunteers Kristen, Roberta C., Krena and Lynn. One last e-blast until the spring will go out to invite people to buy planks at 2 for $500 and $275 for one.


2.   Park Committee report: Bruce gave out a Beach Bluff Site Plan that was beautifully done in great detail showing even the new bike rack. There is a 10-year guarantee with all the benches that people buy for $3,000.00. “We will replace at our cost any bench that is damaged or defective.” The water in the park has been turned off as of Friday Nov 1. Planks will be picked up this year and put in a safe place for next year to protect them against the storms; Bruce and Pete numbered them and noted locations. Lisa Hickey and her crew will help with plank storage. Bruce will check on their availability. According to Roberta, the park looks good going into the winter. She reiterates her request that no new elements be added to the park from this time forth.


3.   Social and fundraising- Allie Blodgett is hosting a thank you party for our committee past and present and others but not exceeding 50 people. It is set for December 15, 2013 Sunday from 5-7pm. Food and beverage will be provided; but no agents are invited. Top expenditure is $1000.

The fundraising committee is Allie, Pete, Nancy, Bob, Roberta and Sylvia.


4.   Sun Circle-Don said that he has lined up some singers and violin and other Winter Solstice events for December 21, 2013 (Saturday) at 7am He looks forward to seeing everyone there to celebrate with him.


5.   Other reports: Park rental set for now at $150


6   New projects- Kristen reported that the Boy Scouts cannot help us with the mobile bookcase. Sheryl offered her neighbor as a possible carpenter with talent and a willingness to build such a piece for us. She will report back to us.


Our next meeting will be held on January 15, 2014 at at 7:15 at Kelly Upham’s home on 48 Bellevue Ave in Swampscott. Her number is 781-842-3414 if you need directions.  See you then. Thanks Kelly for all your work and willingness to host us.

Respectfully submitted, Don Orne   Sec.

  CIA Minutes

June 17, 2013

Present:Lynn, Pete, Sheryl, Don, Bob, Allie, Roberta, Jon
Also: Welcome to Roberta Chadis, Kristen Nyberg and Phil Lee.
Treasurers report-Pete
Pete reported that since our last meeting we have brought in $7,305 in memberships and stickers and $1,019 in donations. The full report is available from Pete and was given out at the meeting. The USB investment was discussed but no action taken yet.
Agents: We have five agents with a need for a possible extra. We need coverage on July 4,5,6. Any names should be sent to Pete Bowen and Jon Alexander.
Park Committee News: Robert Dempster will complete the drip system this week so green hoses can be removed.  Shady spot plans according to Roberta have not yet been formulated.
Weeding needs to be done Friday and Saturday morning and volunteers are needed.  Pete will email weeders and dandelion diggers are recommended. We need to work in sections and transplant grasses.
New Projects: Roberta and Kristen are working on artwork and book shelves. They mentioned we need a super sturdy bookcase on wheels. We could use painting it as an art project for the kids. We could have book readers at the beach at some point if the idea catches on.
Kelly Upham-Kayaks and bike racks-the Kayak issue is still up in the air as of now. The bike rack is a definite need and will be addressed asap. Sheryl is following through with Swampscott as to who really owns the right of way and whether a paddle board franchise can be set up there with only Swampscott's permission. She is coordinating with neighbor Ori Ron.
Volunteers: Pete gave Lynn a list of names of possible volunteers for the CIA; she will call them and engage them in helping out.
Thank you notes: A thank you note to Robert Dempster was presented and agreed upon.
Calendar: The Solstice was Friday, June 21 at 5am. Over 60 people attended. Movies were taken and many photos of the wonderful sunrise and the festivities. Many thanks to Robert Dempster and Roberta, Bruce , Pete, Lisa Hickey’s crew and everyone who helped put the park back in working order. The new sign and quiosk are big hits and should inform the public along with the website of all our events.
FYI- a double rainbow appeared at 8:10 tonight . Enjoyed and appreciated by all.
Submitted by
Don Orne (Secretary)


Annual Meeting

May 19, 2013

3:30 pm

Hobbes House Clifton Avenue Marblehead Ma


Lynn Nadeau, President; Sheryl Levenson, Vice President, Pete Bowen, Treasurer, Don Orne, Secretary
Committee members:
Allie Blodgett, Bruce Greenwald, Khkrena Horowitz, Roberta Levy, Nancy Hamlin, Paul Levenson.
General Members: Roberta Chadis, Philip Lee, Kristen Nyberg, and Kelly Cassidy Upham also graced us with their presence.
Election of Officers and Board
Elected were:
Lynn Nadeau, President; Sheryl Levenson, Vice President, Pete Bowen, Treasurer, Don Orne, Secretary and Board Members: Jon Alexander, Sylvia Belkin, Allie Blodgett, Bruce Greenwald, Nancy Hamlin, Khkrena Horowitz, Roberta Levy, Bob Segil.

Peter Frisch was thanked for his service; he has agreed to continue to file papers with the state.

Treasurer’s report: Pete Bowen
Pete offered the report and handed it out to all present.
Several items were mentioned and highlighted such as how much money we have in the treasury now. What were our expenses for putting the park back into shape for the season after all the storm damage. New memberships and stickers sold. Allie Blodgett suggested we put a sizeable sum into a money making account with a financial services person since the banks are only offering 1% interest on our money. This matter will be looked into shortly and attended to. The full report is available from Pete. We usually do not give out figures in these reports to the public. A big thank you to Pete for his wonderful work on our books, the park, the mailings, the agents, the parking lot, the watering. Pete does it all, thank you so much for your service.
Park Committee Report-Sheryl Levenson and Bruce Greenwald
It was reported that Roberta Levy has been tending to the park and donating her time for the last three years and along with Robert Dempster, Bruce Greenwald, Pete Bowen and others, the park is just about ready for the season.
The park needs monthly maintenance so anyone looking to do some service work; this is a great opportunity to help.  Bruce said that the Junipers were put in, new Pitch Pines, grass plugs, sand and pea stones for the Sun Circle will be going in shortly. Many people have been enjoying the park already and parking stickers are being sold on a regular basis. Sheryl Levenson is our liaison between Marblehead and Swampscott regarding handicapped access and parking,
line painting on the street and many other important issues that effect the park. She and her husband Paul have been life savers in so many ways. Thank you so much for all the years of service to this organization.
The right of way was discussed which is owned half by the CIA and half by the family abutting it. “This created an easement over the right of way, ”said Paul.
The power station that looks like a dog house and the bulletin board are a nice addition to the park. Information and electricity for events in the future.
Recycling Event –Krena “this is the third year of our ethical recycling “ “Bring your own table if you want to sell something.””We will be donating recycled eyeglasses to the Lions Club.”
Electronics Recycling, Jewelry Sale, Member Yard Sale
Saturday and Sunday,  June 1st and 2nd, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Beach Bluff Parking Lot,  Atlantic and Seaview Aves, Marblehead, MA
Ethical Electronics Recycling: 
accepting electronic-related materials, but no hazardous items.
Ethical Recycling Fee:
$1per pound, payable by cash, check, MasterCard or VISA, (discounts to seniors and teachers).  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Clifton Improvement Association.  For complete details about accepted materials, visit
Jewelry Sale:
featuring bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pins that have been donated to the CIA and are then sold at a reasonable price with the proceeds going to the CIA. We will continue to accept jewelry as a tax-deductible donation at fair market value.
Member Yard Sale:
In the spirit of recycling, part of the parking lot will be open for CIA members only to sell their own items and keep the proceeds.  You will bring your own table, set up your goods, and remove items not purchased. Space is limited. There is no fee but any donation to the CIA will be gratefully accepted.  Please let us know if you plan to come:
Event and Rain Information:
Ethical recycling event will be held rain or shine. Other sales will be cancelled if raining.
Thank you Krena for all this work on this event and the beautiful mailing that went out that you created the photos and artwork for.
Summer Agents-Jon Alexander-Pete filled in for Jon informing us about the agents. “We have three girls coming back as well as Cole .We may need one more permanent and one backup agent. These paid for just the hours worked.
Sun Circle Celebration-Don Orne

The Summer Solstice event will be held at the Sun Circle on June 21rst, Friday at 5:04am. We hope to see many of the committee and visitors this time.
Social Committee-Allie Blodgett –Allie had to leave early but has projects in mind which she will share.
PR Social Media-
we need a person to fill this position if you know of anyone , get in touch with Lynn Nadeau our President.
New Ideas:
Kristen Nyberg came to our annual meeting and shared an idea about
She brought several samples of the hand made portable book houses from different towns and offered several names for the ideas, such as Beach Books and Books at the Beach. The books would be for adults and children and Kristen and Roberta levy agreed to be co-chairs of this creative idea and bring it to life. It would be placed in or around the shed in the parking lot. Roberta offered to have book readings for the kids as well.
Kayak Rack: 
Kelly Upham will coordinate with Deborah Shelkan Remis on this and a bike rack.

Our next meeting will be on June 17th, Monday at 7pm at Lynn’s house at 10 Surf St.
Respectfully submitted,
Don Orne-Secretary

 CIA-minutes for Sept 20, 2012 with additional notes:
Present: Lynn, Bruce, Khrena, Don , Sheryl, Roberta
Place: Lynn’s house  7-9pm
No formal agenda just reports
Treasurer’s Report: Pete Bowen
“We didn’t make any money this month; but we do have 50 more members.”
Pete’s report is available upon request. It was distributed at the committee meeting
: We did raise over $1500 from daily parking in the last month, and had expenses of about $2400.
Secretary’s Report: Don Orne –The Autumnal Equinox ceremony was missing it’s biggest star this time-The Sun. It never came out at all. Since it is a sunrise service that would tend to put a cramp in the ceremonies. Fortunately we had the 12 Peace Seeds (prayers from all of the major religions) to project out into the atmosphere from 12 volunteers. We also had a Violinist that played a soulful rendition of Autumn Leaves and two wonderful female voices to lead us all in song. We honored the seven directions as we always do with the Peace Gong and sang happy birthday to a young boy who was born on this day. Bruce did has masterful job of the history telling of the creation of the beloved Sun Circle and Jim Keating (always in good voice) described in detail the celestial meaning of the day. This was the fourth anniversary of the Autumnal Equinox. We started ceremonies there three years ago and have had 13 events involving approximately 700 children, women, men and a number of special dogs. This year everything was in place. The Sun Circle with its new magical stones on the ground. The park, pruned and raked and splendid. The water crashing on the sand and I think the Sun just needed a morning off. I highly recommend you come to this work of art that you all have created. Just to read a book, get some sun, listen to the waves, the wind and your own heart in these times of turmoil.  You have created solitude and serenity where once there was only a blank canvas. Together we have produced a loving space for all to enjoy and reflect in. There will be destruction from storms and humanity and we will once again rebuild with sweat and song and tears of sorrow and joy what some may call, The New Jerusalem and others perhaps would call it Camelot. Whatever we call this vision of hope where all beings are equal always, no exceptions we can say when it is all done, we took part in something beautiful at its core in its seed in its flowering and in its fall.
Welcome ! Hopefully we will see some of you at sunrise on Decemer 21, 2012 for
The Winter Solstice.
Parking: Khrena suggested we charge $10 for the day next year for daily parking. The Rec and Park charge $10 at Devereux already.
Pete and Lynn thought that it would make a difference in a bad way.
Lynn suggested we raise the price of membership to $50 next season
Bruce & Peter said,” let’s wait till next spring before we change anything in that regard.”
Roberta said,” I would suggest we stop collecting money at 5pm instead of 4pm” These matters were tabled with no agreement as to action.
Don asked, “ if we could change the print on the stickers from yellow to a darker color from now on.”
Volunteers: Lynn started calling the list of volunteers that gave their emails to contact if we needed help in certain areas.  She had a positive response from Julie Quin from Salem. She would like to help with the computer email blasts etc. Lynn invited everyone to come to her house next Thursday September 27th at 4pm to meet Julie.
Another volunteer is Susan Morrisson who has spent triple digit hours weeding and making the park look spectacular for this Fall Equinox and into the coming year. It was agreed to send her a big thank you. Allie has signed up to send out thank yous to all donators.
Lisa Hickey and her crew did a wonderful job of fine-tuning the Sun Circle and the park for the Equinox event and beyond. Thank you Sheryl for making that connection for us.
Roberta who has been keeping the park in ship shape asked permission to plant daffodils. It was an affirmative vote so look for those in the near future.
Planks: A plank discussion came up with suggestions.
It was mentioned that some of the board officers and members might like to buy a plank; but the $350 was a little steep considering the sweat equity already present. Pete suggested they could buy two for one or half price so that the CIA could still make money but save the few working members the sting of full retail. Khrena suggested we have a sale on planks for the holidays to the public of $275 instead of $350. A vote was taken to  reduce the price of the planks and allow board members to purchase them at 1/2 price. All in the affirmative.
Handicap parking spaces and legal matters with Swampscott - Sheryl spent 3 hours on August 29th on our behalf before the zoning board in Swampscott to iron out the painting of the yellow lines for handicapped parking on the street in front of the entrance to the park and to install the message board. The five extra hours spent in front of the boards to get special permits, etc and the many many hours through the years has been an enormous help in the development of the park as it stands today. The issues with the State and the town of Swampscott around this little park and what it can and cannot do for it’s best interest has been a red tape matter for many years. Thank you Sheryl and Paul for your tireless efforts and expertise on behalf of the CIA and all who have benefitted from your courage and strength dealing with town and state officials in legal and other sensitive matters. You battled for us in the face of insurmountable odds and won. Thank you both so very much.
Fundraising: Alex and Nora Falk’s neighbor Steve Kapsalis, who was at last years fundraiser, have graciously agreed to offer their house next door for us to use as the fundraiser for 2013. We appreciate all of our neighbors who have been so generous in helping to financially keep our park clean, safe and in good condition de