Minutes for October 3, 2017
Meeting Location: Lynn Nadeau’s - 6:30pm
Present: Lynn, Don, Roberta Levy, Allie, Sheryl, Kristen, Roberta Chadis, Leigh, Ellen, Pete, Phil and Bruce
Committee Chair Reports:
President’s Report: 
*Reminder: Miles For Kyle  Sunday, October 15
*Alexander Falk: Revetment work will be on October 9 and continue throughout following week. Hope this is far enough past Labor Day to not have any major impact on CIA park operations anymore.
*Comfort Station in parking lot: $150 for 4 weeks for 1 porta potty.  Includes delivery, weekly service, pickup when season is over, and a lock and chain to secure it to something.   LouisGoldblatt  (800-404-4038  Direct : (781)938-0188  (Mark Butt uses United Site Services)  
Dear Board,
The resignation of two of our members and conversations I have had with others has led me to move forward on my long-dreamed plan for the CIA, namely that we become aware of problems bigger than our Park and Parking Lot and educate people about these problems and issues. 
We are all well aware that hurricanes, sea level rise, and other flooding can damage the park. We will do what we can to protect grass and tree, bench and rock, and of course the glorious Sun Circle.  It is only responsible for us to participate in environmental matters that affect us, the nearby towns, the state, the country and the world. Hence I am suggesting that we keep informed about matters that attempt to mitigate and deal with these environmental threats. 
1 Our Nonprofit Status: Permitted Activities (from the IRS site). charities-non-profits/lobbying
2 Our mission: The CIA preserves, protects and improves the scenic, historic and natural character of local open and public spaces through information, education, and advocacy. The CIA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
3 Please take a look at this list of groups that work on mitigating or avoiding climate change:
mapowerforward (coalition of Mass orgs for clean energy future)
massclimateaction  (facilitator of municipal-level action)
4  Here is a small list of five key issues being addressed by the Legislature this session: 
1 pipeline tax, (who pays?)
2 raise RPS, (Renewable Portfolio Standards which require a certain amount of renewables to be purchased by utilities)
3     put a fee on carbon, (my favorite solution)
4     expand solar energy,
5     fix gas leaks
5. My suggestion: We discuss joining one of these coalitions listed in #3 and keep informed about what they do, adding strength to these endeavors. 
Treasurer’s report: Phil passed out his report.
Ellen (assistant treasurer)Annual report 990’s-Pete 
Since the last meeting there was @ $6,300 of revenue, the majority of which came from a bench donation from Pete Bowen in memory of his sister.   Expenses were @ $3,800 from final park completion/restoration expenses and the final agents' payroll.   The Vanguard account balance has not been updated due to lack of online access;  however, Phil is working to restore this.  Lastly, the CIA received a refund for its insurance premium as follow-up to the insurance audit. “We got through our audit and got $70 back.
Secretary’s report: Don and Roberta Chadis
Don reported that there were about 20 brave souls that braved the wind and rain and cold to honor the 9th Sun Circles celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. I wish to express my deep appreciation to Leigh for her excellent coverage of activities at the Sun Circle. Her input and ideas are innovative and sensible. It is such a pleasure to have her with us. Roberta will send out a get well card for Paul Levenson and notes to Lin and Sylvia for their service.
Kristen-Gift Committee Notes
It was decided that instead of a bracketed tiers, there can just be single numbers. Similar to the first part of what Audubon does here:
The overarching themes from the discussion were: 
keep it simple
levels should be on the lower end; we have far more low donors than very high donors
this is just for everyday/year giving. We would institute something else if we had a large need or issue
Proposed giving structure:
Membership and Plank & Recognition via media
Membership, Plank, Recognition via media and Party invite
$ 5000+                     
Lifetime membership, Plank, Recognition via media and Party invite
ie: If someone gave $400, they would still get membership, plank and recognition. If someone gave $200 they would just get membership. (and a nice thank you card, per usual)
Possible names thrown out for levels:
sandpiper, gull, osprey, great blue heron, Basalt Rock, Big Wave, Pig Rock, Preston or Clifton, lobster, scallop…
Ellen is going to do thirty five thank you notes for Allie’s party.
Membership stickers: $50 to $60 and increase $15 a day on weekends, remain $10 during wk.
Board members get planks for half price if they want one.
Porta potty (comfort station) vote taken. Yes votes in majority.
Bruce mentioned that we got a plumber to fix the dog fountain: $95.
Next meeting Nov 13, 17 Monday at 6:30pm Lynn’s house
Respectfully submitted by Donald Orne, Secretary and Roberta Chadis, Assistant Secretary


CIA Annual Meeting May 13, 2015

Swampscott Town Hall 7pm

Present: Lynn, Nadeau, Sheryl Levenson, Pete Bowen, Don Orne

 Bruce Greenwald, Kristen Nyberg, Jon Alexander, Kelly Upham , Roberta Levy,

 Allie Blodgett, Roberta Chadis, Bob Segil, Phil Lee, Lin Grady, Sherry Rubenstein, Brian Miller, Lori Ehrlich

Welcome: Lynn (CIA President) introduced herself and the board members and invited guests..

Nomination Committee Report: Sheryl Levenson (Vice President) reported all

Nominated persons for office of President ,Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

A vote was taken by a quorum present and the past officers were sworn in again for another year. They are Lynn Nadeau, President, Sheryl Levenson, Vice President, Pete Bowen, Treasurer and Don Orne Secretary. Unanimous

Committee Reports: Park Committee: Pete Bowen, Sheryl Levenson, Roberta Levy, Bruce Greeenwald..

The park is back to it’s operational self with the help of the committee members, Lisa Hickey, and her gang as well as Robert Dempster, etc.

Swampscott Liaison: Sheryl went to a meeting about handicap access recently for the park brought back information for us.

Summer Solstice Ceremony: Don Orne

Don mentioned that the Summer Solstice this year in on Sunday June 21, 2015 which is also Father’s Day and weather permitting we will start at 5am as the sun rises. It could possibly be a larger crowd because it is on a Sunday morning and it will be Father’s Day. This is really the crown jewel of summer for the Sun Circle, the park, the weather etc and it is a pleasure to see the hard work of so many  pay off in this way. Hopefully many can make the early morning time and help us bring in the summer this year.

Little Free Library-Kristen Nyberg- I am getting rid of old books and brining in new ones for the new season. The hard work of many has made a neutral space into something of great beauty and function. Thank you Kristen and all her worked on this project.

Outreach (Tri-fold brochure, mailing, public relations etc.) Kristen, “the brochure is done and out with the mailing of the notice of our annual meeting and the membership flyer.” The tide chart is also done and available now and will be in the Kiosk for the public.  Thank you Pete and Kristen for all that important work.

Summer Agents: Jon Alexander-Last year our agents were, Kyle Maulden, Jamie Ehrlich, Mallory Coyle, Maddy Kim, Julia Boman and Liam McCarthy and his brother Sean.  Kyle and Jamie will not be back; but Mallory, Maddy, Julia and Liam are all interested in coming back although Maddy will only be available for part of the summer. I recommend we re-hire all of them and also add one other agent for the 2015 Summer Season.  The only candidate we currently have is Julia’s friend Kaelin O’Sullivan. I sent you her resume yesterday. The Friday afternoon or Saturday morning we can interview her.”

Special Guests: Sherry Rubenstein and Brian Miller (neighbors whose seawall collapsed in last winter’s storms) live at 6 Pig Rock Ln and described the devastation caused by the February storms to their land.  They experienced a complete collapse of the upper wall and they don’t even own that part.  The DCR owns the property that has cost Sherry and Brian about $500,000 so far.  Menino has been working on the breach for about a month or more and they are finally cleaning up the beach and walk -through this weekend  We wish them a return to normal before Memorial Day .

Thank you for coming and explaining your difficulties to us.

Paul Levenson-Wetland Protection and conservation in Swampscott

Paul mentioned that it would take $8500 a year from every man, woman and child in America to pay for a proper job of protecting our environment.  Paul went back into the history of this Wetland Act and gave a beautiful but frightening overview of what is coming with the rising of the tides sooner than later.

Lori Ehrlich(our State Representative) was kind enough to come right from Turkey to our meeting and talk about the plastic bill. Solar Buyback, Net Metering, the power plant in Salem and it’s impact on the residents of Marblehead and other communities. She said they just finished the State Budget.  Thank you for all you have done for our communities Lori and thank your daughters for their help at our booths during the summers in the last few years.


Saturday June 6, 2015  9-12am. The community weeding party at the park. Thanks in advance for showing up to help.

Sunday June 21, 2015  5am Sunrise Service for the Summer Solstice at the Sun Circle.  All are welcome.

Stickers available now for parking for the 2015 season from the agents. Pete Bowen and Lynn Nadeau.

Next meeting to be emailed about place and day.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Orne (Secretary)

CIA MINUTES  April 23, 2015 –Lynn’s house 7-9pm


ANNUAL Meeting Wed, May 13 at 7 pm -Swampscott Selectman's Room


Present:  Lynn Nadeau, Sheryl Levenson, Pete Bowen, Don Orne, Kelly Upham, Roberta Chadis., Bruce Greenwald, Bob Segil, Jon Alexander, Phil Lee,  Kristen Nyberg, Allie Blodgett and Lin Grady


Treasurer’s report:  Pete Bowen- handed out  report. “We spent more than we brought in this month; but that changes dramatically in May and June when the stickers are available for paid parking.” “We got a $1,000 check from our neighbor Sherry Rubenstein to allow the large equipment that is repairing her retaining wall to park in the CIA parking lot for a few months. We also made $1337 in interest from our Vanguard account. We spent $800 on insurance and $1472 for Robert Dempster for all his work plus sand for the plank areas. We also spent $584 on constant contact. Thank you Pete for all the work on the park and the accounting as our Treasurer.


Park Business: Bruce-“We had a smaller crew this time from Lisa Hickeys group to help us start to clean up the park; but much of the work was done including the laying down of all the planks for the year.”

“Pete Robert and I stayed later after the crew left to tidy up with the broom, from the sidewalk and street.“  They are coming next Wednesday April 29th fro 8:30-11:30am

Roberta Levy is doing planters in the parking lot. The irrigation needs to be deeper this year perhaps 8-12 inches deep. Olsen may have a trench digger, Pete will check.

Don raked the Sun Circle and 90% of the stones are out and ready for the small pebbles or sand this season.

Sheryl said she would discuss raising the wall with the Swampscott Conservation Board off the record. 

The broken trash cement barrel was dealt with by Pete today by calling the company.  It costs us $600 for a new receptacle for trash. We might get a barrel from Gino until a new one is in place.


Agents: Jon and Pete- Kristen asked if they had her daughters name on their list for this year. The answer was yes. They also had Pete’s neighbor Liam McCarthy and Kaitlin.  The pay is up from $8.50 to $9.00 per hour. We are on the lookout for another agent. Phil mentioned that the first Saturday morning weeding party is set for June 1, at 9am.


Mailings: Kristen- the tri-fold brochure will be delivered tomorrow which will go into the envelope also containing a membership card, a notice of our annual meeting, a fundraising portion and a return envelope. “We have a typical mailing of 580.  Lynn has ordered 300 Orange stickers for this year from Litchman’s. Kristen will also be stocking new books in our beautiful Book Shed for the coming season

On May 2nd.


Nominating Committee Sheryl -The offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary will remain the same for the coming year and will be voted upon at the annual meeting. Also we have a wonderful new member for the committee whose name is Lin Grady and she will be nominated at the annual meeting. A welcome member and neighbor.


Introducing Lin Grady: What can I bring to CIA...Enthusiasm!  Willingness to volunteer in your projects!   My husband & I have lived at 266 Humphrey St. near  the corner of Seaview & Humphrey St. for 18 years.I was a teacher in an elementary & middle school in Swampscott until 3 years ago, when I retired from public school teaching. I began by volunteering, but then I parlayed that into a field teacher position at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. Right now, we're beginning to tailor our school field-trip class programs to the Massachusetts Next Generation Science Standards. I recently led a discussion group of interested Ipswich River field teachers & will continue to work with the director of school programs. At a statewide Audubon meeting in March, I became aware of the goal of a statewide Mass Audubon watershed project and am beginning to collect information from the various Audubon sanctuaries. 

I'd really like to be involved with our natural resources right here in our neighborhood. I'd like to work with neighbors to keep our shoreline safe & beautiful.  This park is really a treasure. You have touched so many with the creation of this park.”

Don Orne put a call out for musicians/singers for the Summer Solstice Celebration which will be on Father's Day Sunday Jun 21; sun rises at 5:07 

Submitted by Don Orne-Secretary