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Maintaining this beautiful seaside gateway oasis  is a time-consuming and costly effort. Your support makes it possible to maintain, landscape, improve and repair the park and the Sun Circle for all to enjoy.

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Friends of Beach Bluff Park


The CIA board members sometimes jokingly refer to the park as "Humpty Dumpty" because each winter after Mother Nature has her way, we need to put it back together again. Rising sea levels and rogue weather patterns keep us on our feet. Last March came in like a lion and New England was slammed with a particularly nasty Nor'Easter. We had a record seven extra high tides in a row, and the park, like much of the New England coast sustained serious damage.

Donations from friends, neighbors, beach lovers and park goers have always made it possible for us to repair the park and keep the seawall in place to protect this natural haven for all to enjoy. Any amount you would like to donate is warmly welcomed, whether it is an extra $10 when renewing your membership, or something more substantial that will help ensure the future of the park.

Donation Level Description

Donating Member

Up to $300
Includes an annual membership for the donation year.
Maintaining Donor $300+
Donating Member benefits plus an engraved plank (use the Comments field to put your engraving request)

Sustaining Donor   
Maintaining Donor benefits plus media listing andinvitation in our annual recognition event

Buttressing Donor  
Sustaining Donor benefits plus a Lifetime Membership

Note:  We use PayPal to process credit card payments but you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation this way.

Become a Donor


You may choose to memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special event, give a gift to your favorite beach lover, or simply to have fun and leave a message to park wanderers.

Planks are $250 each and can be engraved with up to 28 letters, spaces and punctuation (no numbers or other symbols available at this time). Use the Comments field on the following page to put your engraving request and we will reach out with any questions.

Note: We use PayPal to process credit card payments but you do not need a PayPal account to make a donation this way.

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